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Retaining Walls, Fire Pits, Walkways, Sunroofs and Pergolas.

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    Moises Pizana Hardscapes go beyond typical pavers and hardscape engineers. We believe in what beauty, comfort, and lasting craftsmanship can do. Resulting in a shift in mood and priorities THE MOMENT you step outside and into your own GARDEN OF EDEN.

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    Moises Pizana Hardscapes is a hardscape paving company based at 3185 Stars & Stripes Way #443, Grapevine, TX 76051. We have been in the hardscape business in the Dallas Fort Worth area for 20 years since 2000. As local masonry contractors in the DFW metroplex, we have served communities with our best work and look forward to doing the same for you. We take a real interest in building retaining walls, driveways, patios, pool decks, outdoor kitchens, and firepits, that look remarkable and add value to your property immediately. For us, hardscaping is the way to achieve your dream home.

    As an example, a driveway that is looked after can be inviting guests or clients visiting your business. A good paver can transform the whole look of your entrance. That’s because we take into consideration the fine details because they do matter.

    We do hardscaping projects both for residential homes as well as commercial projects. Your parking lot is the first thing that people see for your business. Before they enter your office or they come inside your store, they will see the parking lot and its condition. Do you take care of it? It gives them a first impression of your business. Do you think it’s worth keeping in good condition? Here at Moises Pizana Hardscapes, we can ensure that yours make a perfect impression. All you need to do is let us know if you are looking for an installation of a new parking area. We will work with you to make sure that we stay within budget to create and install your paving the way you want it. Let us reshape your driveway.


    About Us
    Moises Pizana Hardscapes specializes in paving installation and outdoor living company in the Grapevine area. We install various hardscape landscaping such as retaining walls, patios, driveways, sidewalks, and much more. We will work with you to create the paradise you desire and help you to live your best life now. Our primary goal is to see our customers delighted with the creation we build for them.

    Many of our projects are paving installations in Dallas Fort Worth. We try to get your project done in a very short time frame, avoiding putting you out for any unnecessary period. We love working with both materials and are happy to consult with you about the pros and cons of each. You can’t make an informed decision about which material is better for you without being told the full benefits and drawbacks of each material for your specific project. Let us walk you through the options and help you decide how to best approach your upcoming project.


    Our Services
    We offer a wide variety of services for our clients. We can work on your residential or commercial projects of any size. Our services are not limited by size or location. we have begun to do total concrete pool remodeling. The vast majority of our work is in concrete paving of driveways or parking lots, but do not let that deter you if your project is something different. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with excellent service and results, especially if their projects are unconventional.

    Our services cover the full lifespan of your paved area. We can help you with the design of your project by walking you through all of the options. This includes both the logistical elements of which materials to choose as well as the more stylistic ones. Ask us about the trends in concrete and how we can elevate the look of your new project. After settling on a design, we’ll take care of the installation. Our experience with the full installation process ensures that it will go smoothly.


    Why do many people choose pavers over decorative concrete? Because concrete tends to crack in this area of Texas. Pavers can be redone piece by piece. Saving you years on continued maintenance and expensive budget busting items and headaches.

    We Are Creative

    We are very creative and enjoy contributing to the enhancement of someone’s home. We started in this industry in 2000 and have had the opportunity to create some incredible spaces.


    Our gallery characterizes what you can expect from allowing us into your home with the intent on making major changes that not only affects resale value but contributes to the beauty of what you see everyday.

    Why I should choose your company?

    We have earned Prestigous Awards through out the Metroplex and Mr. Pizana takes pride only in jobs well done. He listens, offers his advice and the completed projects are things of beauty to take pleasure in when the moment calls for relaxation.

    What kind of maintenance?

    A wonderful thing about Stone Paver material? It does not crack when the soilshifts are we are experiencing hot Texas summer days resulting in shifting ground soil as it cracks under the suns relentless heat.So the days when you would see concrete or similar solid one piece coverings crack are gone with his product
    So in two words,”ZERO MAINTENACE”

    How Long Does it Take?


    Do I Choose from Designs?

    Unless you have unlimited days and weeks to spend on choices Mr. Pizana will arrive with examples of work and selections, many of which can be seen on this website. His experience with color, landscape, conditions and taste that compliments existing suroundings always seems to agree with the homeowner when they rely on his expertise.

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